Welcome to Our Blog!

The ever-present office reminder...

The ever-present office reminder…

Are you stuck in Suburbia? Are you feeling lamestream? If you have the need to know some amazing how-to’s, as well as some important do-not-do’s, and don’t mind being entertained in between with blog-worthy scoop on our day-to-day photo and design projects…this blog is for you!

So what is Vellum, you ask? Who are these people? Vellum is a boutique commercial design and photography studio in Atlanta consisting of a small team of creatives who really know their stuff. Concept-Create-Culminate is our modus operandi. Between our photography, environmental design, product design, and branding projects, we maintain a fast pace. Never stagnant, focused on the present with one eye peering into the future, Vellum never loses sight of its client’s vision and “keeps it fresh.”

As we begin this blog adventure, you will be getting to know the V Team, but before we get going at full speed, let me give you some quick background scoop on whom you’ll be hearing from.

Cindy Tjoflat, President–that’s me. I am the owner of Vellum, a.k.a. “mother.” Vellum was a result of many years working at medium to large corporate studios/agencies. Frustrated with the bureaucracy, the tendency to pigeonhole, and the layers of redundancy, I decided to stop whining and adopted the “just do it” mindset. And here we are. A mother of three and wife to a fellow small business owner, you can believe me when I say there’s never a dull moment. I’ll be blogging on the daily trials and tribulations of operating a small business in this “booming” economy, as well as balancing out the blog with some fun creative stuff.

Kristen Luther, Creative and Account Director. She is our talented and tenacious captain. Trained in the dark arts of account management, in conjunction with an uber-skilled eye, she is a design dynamo. Kristen will be blogging on our photography and some great ideas on what you can do to spice up your interior spaces. A mother of two stylish little gals, she will be sharing some really amazing style-based tips for kids, including interior room ideas as well as ways to keep the kiddos fashionable.

Michelle Parker, Manager Art and Creative. Classified as our secret weapon, she is a masterfully proficient designer who has a passion for trend-spotting and a fashionable flair. Michelle is mother of one handsome and exuberant boy, and adores what she does almost as much as her son. Michelle will be blogging about design and color trends, as well as what’s hot in the fashion arena. She will also be doing a lot of pinning on Pinterest, keeping our boards current and relevant.

James Pinkstone, Director, Studio and Operations. James (aka ‘Turbo Stingray’) has the pleasure of wearing many hats. The ever-adept multitasker, James keeps it real in the office. Whether he’s keeping the books straight, negotiating with model agencies, or just plain ‘ole herding cats (us creatives), he gets everything done seamlessly and on time. You can expect to hear some “tales from the office” from James and random fact or fiction blurbs, delivered James style. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

OK, here we go! Enjoy…