A Firsthand Account of How to Turn An Idea into Reality

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In the Ted Talk Where Do Good Ideas Come From, Stephen Johnson explains that an idea isn’t a single thing or moment, it’s a process. An idea takes time to formulate—it depends on a network of things.

Johnson argues that the big breakthrough ideas don’t happen alone, in a vacuum, or even in the shower. They happen during the chaos of collaboration. The real breakthrough ideas originate in conversations and meetings that take place between several people. We might ascribe some “eureka” moment to the birth of an idea, but it’s really the synthesis of a lot of information and experience that leads to the breakthrough.

Like many design teams, we’re obsessed with ideas. We aren’t just interested in where ideas come from or what makes them unique, we’re also interested in how to bring them to life and why they matter to others. For us, design is about considering the whole idea process, including:

  • How to create a culture that repeatedly fosters good ideas
  • How to bring ideas out of the incubator and into the real world
  • How to adjust the idea, create the designs, and curate the resources needed to actualize the concepts
  • How to put the teams together that can turn the idea into a full-dimensional reality
  • How to ensure that the end result has the most positive impact on the greatest number of people

In our line of work, we often inherit the ideas and concepts of other agencies and designers. Clients come to us to because they want to bring an idea, concept, or design to life. As a result, we’ve gotten really good at looking at the process holistically and shifting our attention to how the design impacts resources, budgets, timelines, goals, brand perception, and audience engagement. Our experience has, in turn, sparked an idea within us.

What would it look like if we could make the design and idea process more fluid and more holistic? How could we help marketers and designers bring their ideas to light in a way that transforms audiences? How could we unite all the disparate ideas, thoughts, teams, and thinkers for the good of the customer, and the the good of the brand? These are the questions that started us thinking, talking, exploring, and—most importantly—acting.

Like you, we had an idea; and, being who we are, we had to see it through. We’re still working on some final touches, but within the next few weeks we’ll be ready to reveal where this idea led us. We’d love to share the end results with you. Follow us to find out how we took our ideas and made something out of them; something that will benefit marketers, makers, artists, and designers who want to bring new ideas to life.

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